BKL Electronic Kreimendahl GmbH

Single and assembled connectors

BKL Electronic provides connectors, cable and manufactured cable to industrial customers and electronic distributors for 40 years. BKL Electronic’s products are famous for their good quality and for their market-conform prices. The company offers more than 5.000 electromechanical products as well as customized components for our customers. The product range expanses constantly to stay up to date with the market changes.

All products are available in different designs and packaging options for the customers.

With its staff of 20 employees, the company is able to react fast and easy to the customer requirements. All employees are highly skilled and offer a great knowledge of the products.

The website provides the customer detailed information about the company’s product range. Datasheets are available for almost all of the products, assembly instructions as PDF and video, as well as CAD-files (3D-PDF/STEP). If needed other file formats can be provided. In correspondents with our current assortment, the website is frequently updated.

On BKL Electronic’s own Youtube channel are over 300 assembly instructions available for the complex products.


Bodo Kreimendahl established the company BKL Electronic Kreimendahl in the 1978 in Lüdenscheid.

After a few years working from home, the company moved into a warehouse with a little office area. The product assortment rose fast and constantly over the years, which led to several moves of the company until they found a suitable building at the current location.

In 1983, the company presented all the products in their first catalogue to the rapidly growing number of customers. BKL Electronic got famous in the Electronic sector for their, so-called „Kabelmusterkarten“. These cards were a piece of cable that was sewed to the page, so the customer would have a sample available along with the catalogue.

In the late 1980s, the company entered a new market and started to supply more than 300 different hardware stores with a 24h delivery service. With the turn of the millennium and the consolidation of the DIY-industry, BKL Electronic focuses more on the industrial and electronic distributors.

In 1995, Alf Kreimendahl, son the business owner joins the company. Since 2004, he leads the company as the sole managing shareholder with the help of his team of highly skilled employees.

During the 1990s, BKL Electronic created their own website to inform their customers about news and the current product assortment. All customers received a catalogue, as well as a newsletter that is published once a month to inform them about new products and technical updates.

Since 2016, BKL Electronic has their own YouTube channel that features over 300 assembly instructions for their complex products.

In July 2017, the company presents their website in a new and modern design. It offers lots of different services relation to the electromechanical products. The new website lays stress on the presentation of every single product and a fast navigation through it. It provides the customers with all relevant information like CAD-files, data sheet and assembly instructions to use for their requirements.

2022, Andreas Vogel became company owner and new CEO of BKL Electronic. He contributes new ideas and innovations into the company, which resulted already in continued high quality standards of our products, a steady expansion to our existing customers and, above all, a stabilization and increase to our delivery capacity, which is of high importance nowadays.